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30 Days Moneyback guarantee

User's Trust Level
  • Validation: Extended
  • Issuance time: 2-10 days
  • Free Reissues: Yes
  • Green Address bar: Yes
  • Installation Checker: Yes
  • Warranty: 750,00$
  • Free Site Seal: Yes
  • Browser compatibility: 99.3%
  • Wildcard enabled: No
  • Free unlimited server licensing
SAN Information1 domainsAlready included to standard package$145.00Price per each additional domain price20Maximum amount of additional domains
  • Secures domain or subdomain
  • Free unlimited server licensing
  • Secures both with/without WWW
Extended Validation SSL Certificate

You must provide Company Documents to pass the validation

SSL Certificate description

SSL certificates provide security and corporations and government departments need the very best. The Thawte SSL EV SSL certificate provides a high level of security with 256-bit protection.

It delivers the highest level of protection depending on the browser being used by the customer. It offers a green address bar so that customers can instantly see that the website is safe and only EV certificates can provide this. It takes longer to validate but it is worth it for sites that need a high level of security.

Green Address Bar included!

Keeping Online Business Private – many people are worried about their personal data travelling across the Internet. An SSL certificate encrypts that information so that when it passes to the web server, it is disguised. This means that if it in intercepted, it is difficult to make out what information is hidden there.

Forming Trust – A Thawte SSL certificate will give your customers more trust in your business. They will see that Thawte has confirmed your identity and this will allow them to know that the site is yours and that they can therefore trust you.

Trust Thawte – Thawte has been in business since 1996 and has provided security for thousands of small businesses. It is easy to buy from them and you get expert support if you need it so that things get set up quickly and easily. You will also be sent renewal notices in plenty of time to make sure that your website is always secure and you can manage your account online to make things easier for you.

  • Secured Site Seal. Show the website is secured

    With SSL Certificate you will get a free Site Seal that you can display on your website. Your customers will be instantly informed that you use 256-bit encryption to protect private data. Thawte SSL Certificates are equipped with standard static Site Seal. Get more trust - get more sales, that's a fact.

  • Extended Validation SSL Certificate

    Extended Validation SSL Certificate is the highest assurance certificate and is an excellent tool to reassure your visitors. The Green Address Bar which is available only with EV SSL Certificate, will immediately indicate to your visitors that the website is secured and verified.

  • Supported Devices by Thawte Certificates

    Browser and devices compatibility is the most important part of SSL usage. Thawte SSL Certificates are supported by 99,9+ browsers and devices.